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“Time for the Oder” is an international partnership of three river alliances of civil society organizations. We advocate the permanent protection of the Oder and its catchment area for the citizens of the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Europe. We oppose the construction of the international waterway E30 and the Danube-Oder-Elbe Canal and advocate sustainable development in the Oder catchment area.

The alliance “Time for the Oder”
Koalice pro řeky – Czech

Koalice pro řeky is the association of non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic that supports all activities aimed at promoting healthy river and floodplain ecosystems. It takes initiative in water management in cases of particular concern, integrates arguments for the improvement of the good ecological status of rivers and supports and ensures the cooperation and exchange of information between scientists, experts and the public in this field.

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Koalicja Ratujmy Rzeki – Poland

The Koalicja Ratujmy Rzeki (Save the Rivers Coalition) brings together organizations which protect Poland’s rivers, streams and wetlands, as well as scientists, individual persons, local authorities and institutions, for whom the fate of Polish rivers and ecosystems is important. The coalition actively works in the international field in accordance with the attitude “rivers have no borders”.

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Aktionsbündnis lebendige Oder – Germany

The Aktionsbündnis lebendige Oder (Action Alliance Living Oder) is made up of 10 environmental and nature conservation organizations that are working together to ensure that the Border Oder river, the Oder estuary and its surroundings are once again developed into a living Oder river.

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Overall coordination of the campaign

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Sascha Maier
On behalf of the Aktionsbündnis lebendige Oder
c/o Deutscher Naturschutzring e.V.
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