Note on SAVE ODER DIE: This is a call to action!

On September 4th we all want to stand by the Oder together. By now, almost the entire river system is affected, from Poland over the meanwhile entire Oderbruch with its Oder arms, up to the Stettiner Haff and into the Baltic Sea.
This is not the first time that a river has been poisoned. On the contrary, the Oder is one of the last rivers in the European region that was still reasonably intact in its natural state.

At the same time, extreme drought throughout Europe as a result of climate change is causing massive freshwater loss in rivers and lakes. Even more, our drinking and groundwater is dwindling in many places. It is becoming increasingly clear how much mankind is threatening itself through unsustainable use of our natural resources. Together we want to do something about this.

In the next two weeks, we want to call together as many people, places and organizations as possible to take part in the concert on the banks of the Oder on September 4th at 3:00 pm.

We envision that everyone who wants to participate, individually or as a group, will find a place on the banks of the Oder to play music, make noises or simply witness.

So we hope for your decentralized support from the Czech Republic to the Baltic Sea. Gather in villages and towns, bring your instruments, voices and bodies and show that we are all together. Be with your power and energy for each other, for the river and for a better world.
This initiative is intended to build a broad base that will extend beyond September 4th to achieve clearance and the ultimate protection of the entire Oder river.

We ask that this and the following press releases be forwarded to interested parties.

Hashtags: #SAVEODERDIE and #saveoder
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The Kienitzer citizen initiative solidarizes with the action “Aliance living Oder”. This alliance of several environmental and nature conservation organizations has been fighting for the preservation of the unique ecosystem of the Oder for several years.

If you want to donate for the Oder, you can do it via the “Aliance living Oder” here under “Donations to SaveOder”:

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